Primavera Sound Festival

This year a long music habit, which has become a tradition, will go on in Spain. In Barcelona to be precise will take place Primavera Sound Festival. It will be the 16th time, so let’s remember our favorite artists’ performances in each year of the festival.



At it’s first year, 2001, Primavera was quite small: just one day. It hosted 18 DJs, big and local names, 4 live sets at 5 stages, all housed in the city's open-air homage to Iberian architecture, Poble Espanyol. The highlight of the birth of the festival was at the Nitsa Stage where a large and demanding hovered around for UNKLE who had unloaded a truck's-worth of digital hardware and set up shop for two hours of undanceable and unforgettable electronic rawness.



primavera festival 2002 - pulp

In 2002 it gained the image of a festival, since a second day had been added, as well as an opening event party. The live performance of Pulp was the one which is still in many people's memories since it was a mind-blowing live show, something like a farewell of the band to their people.


LCD Soundsystem

In 2003 it still lasted two days but its’ live acts started to rise in number. The highlight was of course LCD Soundsystem and their performance to an unsuspecting crowd of Primavera Sound goers. But the message was accurate. It didn’t matter that they hit the stage with only two singles to their name at the time because this appearance created a huge hype about them.


PJ Harvey

In 2004, we had an extra day, so the festival’s duration reached the three days. PJ Harvey among others was an act which brought a large number of her fans to the festival. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy another performance of her, as she is part of this year’s lineup.


New Order

In 2005, we enjoyed New Order, with a tipsy attitude performing at their encore, Blue Monday. Reminding us that those old folks still got it.



In 2006 Lemmy threw with Motorhead his ace of spades upon us, a member of the music community who we lost a bit before we entered 2016. Will be remembered also from his performance at this Barcelonian music festival.



In 2007 Primavera is still a three day music festival where the hottest names of the indie music stage appear, it’s hype is becoming bigger and bigger, everyone now considers it as one of the biggest European music festivals. The highlight of that year was Battle’s performance, they reinvented post-rock through the destruction of every political correct punk attitude.


Animal Collective

primavera sound festival - animal collective

Time moves on, we are in 2008. Animal Collective appear on the third and last day of the fest. Their set has the necessary touch of grooviness, with chaotic effects, delivering a totally impressing performance.



2009 and Primavera has become an education in the history of music and the art of having a truly amazing time. Liars steal the Saturday headline spot on the ATP Stage, being the highlight of this year’s version of the fest. Since Angus Andrew gave the most extraordinary display of murderous/ camp/ loveable prima donna dance moves for which the role of front man has ever invented.


The XX

In 2010 the Spanish festival which started as an electronic music event and eventually become a huge organization, celebrated it’s 10th birthday. The XX sounded a little poor before sunset but when the sun set off, we experienced a stunning climax at the end of their “Infinity”.


PJ Harvey

primavera sound fest - pj harvey

In 2011 Primavera Sound is set in one of the most ideal festival locations we've ever visited, with 10 stages dotted around Parc Del Fòrum's seafront. Taking the central spot overlooking the bobbing yachts was the San Miguel stage, presenting an array of well-known acts including PJ Harvey, who we were very glad to see there again, this time performing her new album, “Let England shake”.


Thee Oh Sees

primavera festival - the oh sees

In 2012, Thee Oh Sees was one of the best bands we saw that year. Throughout their entire performance they only seemed to build energy and showmanship. Their psychedelic garage punk was utterly infectious.


The Knife

primavera sound festival - the knife

2013 and the shows go on! People from all over the world are now coming to experience Primavera Sound Festival. The Knife make a one of a kind performance, haunting with deep punches and shrill rapture, standing still in front of a crowd who expected from them to dance and entertain them.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

2014 one of the best version of the festival, Godspeed You! Black Emperor brought mesmerizing sheets of noise to a crowd who needed that after almost five days of no rest, thanks to the pre-festival events around the city.


Patti Smith

primavera festival - patty smith

2015, Primavera celebrates it’s 15 years of live music history. This year’s lineup showed a powerful diversity of genre, style, and status. It was full with veterans, but revelation arrived when Patti Smith took the stage. She performed her classic album, Horses, so amazingly that had tears leaking from so many attendee’s eyes.


primavera sound festival


This year, 2016, Primavera Sound Festival will be held in 2-4 of June with Radiohead as Headliners. With Sigur Ros, The Last Shadow Puppets, LCD Soundsystem, Pj Harvey, Tame Impala, The Last Shadow Puppets, Brian Wilson, Beirut, Beach House, as well as Richard Hawley, John Carpenter, Animal Collective, Explosions in the sky, Floating points, Air, Moderat, Suede, Vince Staple, Venom Charilift, Dinosaur Jr, Action Bronson, Hudson Mohawk, Julia Holter, Drive like Jehu, Deerhunter, Savages, Manel, Jay Rock, Cabaret Voltaire, Destroyer, Robert Foster, Shellac, Wild nothing, Tortoise, Black lips, Algier, Kamasi Washington, Thee oh Sees and many other acts, we don’t know which one to pick first. See you there under the hot Mediterranean sun, to listen together to great music for every indie taste, cause all stars will be there!


Written by Christina Drangana


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